What Is the Predicted Growth of Salesforce Business Analyst Jobs

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Salesforce business analyst career is one fast-growing professional thanks to the world’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution available in the market today called Salesforce. Businesses continue to be at the forefront of obtaining the latest in-demand technology. Following International Data Corporation (IDC) numbers, we see that many companies are quickly turning to Salesforce to bring them closer to their clients digitally to change and deliver connected client experiences.

IDC ranked Salesforce as position one CRM provider for 17 consecutive years for 2019 Revenue Market Share worldwide. The share market in 2019 rose by 19.5% share of the CRM market and with revenue of $13.3 billion for the year 2019. It is because it has transformed the technology industry with its constant innovation that offers interest features necessary for the success of a company. Forbes considered Salesforce as the most innovative company for four consecutive years.  For these reasons, there is a high demand for business analysts with Salesforce skills to drive businesses to the next level.

According to Salesforce.com, they are more than 150,000 customers that trust Salesforce to help them achieve sales, marketing, and service results. One of the recruiting agencies has recorded that, Salesforce jobs are growing at a speed of 1.5 times compared to other similar roles, with 300,000+ Salesforce jobs available. That is good news for all those who are looking for a job change in their business analyst career. Therefore, in this era, being Salesforce certified is the best decision you want to make in your career. Not only does it give you a market edge, but it also gives you career satisfaction and high pay.

Salesforce is boosting the growth of business analyst jobs with an estimation of 3.3 million jobs by the year 2022, with over $859 billion in revenues worldwide by 2022, as reported by a recent study by IDC. We see a rise of 1.4 million more created opportunities predicted compared to 1.9 million recorded by 2020. High growth is reliant on the adoption of Salesforce mobile applications. Therefore, Salesforce business analyst professional is no brainer that attracts attention in the CRM market as an analyst takes up the role of configuration.

Several business professionals have indicated that the Salesforce continues to stay on top of their competitors as many business companies choose the cloud computing company since it suits both the small and big business. Besides, it enhances customer communication between a business analyst and the end-user openly. The analyst keeps the user updated on every process and makes changes accordingly as directed by the customer in real-time, making it very convenient.

Salesforce business analyst jobs are fast rising as companies are out looking for someone with Salesforce skills written in their resume. They want to know what certification you have acquired and what value you will add to their company. We have seen that the numbers do not lie; the career path promises opportunities for anyone looking for growth.