What Are the Main Products of Salesforce?

Salesforce undoubtedly is rated as the most innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provider. The company has grown past Salesforce automation and CRM into offering a wide selection of cloud-based business solutions aimed at meeting your business type, requirement, industry, or role. Salesforce is a centralized place that provides you with all you need to run your business successful from managing contacts, track sales activity in every lead, opportunity, and customer.

The advantage of Cloud technology is, it’s a pay-as-you-model hence saves you implementation cost since you do not require to install any in-house hardware in your company. The following is a list of the core products of Salesforce that you can explore;

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud 

It’s designed to automate sales processes in a company and be able to access data on any device. The product is used by the sales team to boost its sales by tracking down sales leads, close deals, and grow accounts. It empowers them to work faster and smarter.

  1. Salesforce Service Cloud

It is a platform that specializes in providing outstanding customer service support through live chats, phone, and email.

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The marketing automation enables the marketing team to build campaigns using different tools and channels. It delivers the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The world’s top e-commerce platform assists in developing a better customer experience that helps your business to grow faster and convert leads into customers.

  1. Salesforce Integration Cloud

The MuleSoft Anypoint platform connects data, application, and devices, be it on-premise or on the cloud under one place across channels and touchpoints.

  1. Salesforce Platform 

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) helps you to extend sales and services by offering essential tools to build applications.

  1. Salesforce Community Cloud

Create CRM-powered community experience with Community Cloud. It incorporates every relevant community to your business.

  1. Salesforce Enablement

MyTrailhead is the world’s leading online training platform. Salesforce built functionalities that the platform extends to provide its users with training content that customizes their specific customer requirements.

  1. Salesforce AppExchange

It is an online marketplace that offers solutions that extend Salesforce into any industry or business to run smoothly. The store provides free and at a fee subscription applications that are provided by developers and software vendor partners.

  1. Salesforce Analytics

It works with data from any source by making intelligent and data-driven decisions to push business growth, powered by Einstein Analytics. It transforms your data from insights to action in minutes.

  1. Salesforce Industry 

This platform offers industry-specific products custom-made to meet your business requirements.

Salesforce designed products to offer your business with end-to-end solutions customized for your business. Several companies continuously look at ways to update their companies’ operations and improve their customer service delivery and understand that every second saved in their business operations can positively optimize business and growth. Hopefully, the above discussion will save you time by narrowing down your search and selecting the best product match for your business needs.