what is the Salary of a Salesforce Business Analyst in 2020

Several people get it wrong when it comes to how much money they should receive when it comes to careers. Your commitments and responsibilities in life are not a determining factor as some would argue out rather than your skills, talents, and what experience you possess that you plan to offer your prospective employer. Before getting into the market as a Salesforce business analyst, you have to research on how much you’re worth. You do not want to start the job only to learn that your colleagues in the same field earn like $10,000 more than you do. For that reason, you have to have a conclusive understanding of the market value.

Different levels demand different pays that you need to know before negotiating on that offer. This write-up will shed light on how much a Salesforce business analyst earns based on some primary factors like your seniority, your certifications, and location built on statistical methods. The salary data provided below is referenced from Salesforce Salary Survey 2019/2020 report, an independent Salesforce study in the world.

  1. Junior Level 

At this level, you have 1 to 2 years of experience as a business analyst. You are in a supporting role and executing tasks delegated by others. You’re not independent yet but learning and growing. The average base pay inclusive of bonuses and overtime is $102,457 yearly.

  1. Mid- Level

You have gained vast experience acquired various certifications. You are in charge of developing user stories and the expected flow process to support the problem-solving design and facilitate requirements gathering meetings and leading projects. Ensure that the user requirements are captured and documented. The average pay for this position is $117,992 yearly.

  1. Senior Level

You are already an expert as a business analyst using Salesforce and lead multifaceted projects with integrations. You are required to quickly comprehend the challenges of a client’s business and be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and make recommendations on areas to improve. The average salary for a senior level is $130, 005 yearly.

According to the Salesforce data findings, there is an annual growth rate of 24.2% experienced by a business analyst. Depending on the company or organization, you will find that some of them hired on a contract basis become freelancers. For this category, their average hourly rate ranges from $66- $140. According to the report, 44% of the respondents indicated that their pay increased after becoming Salesforce certified.

What gives you the upper hand when looking for that dream job is the expertise you have. Do you have the certifications required for the job? Holding multiples of degrees increases your chances of commanding a decent salary supported by years of experience as a Salesforce business analyst. Analyze the market concerning your qualifications to negotiate your salary with confidence. Career advancement is another contributing factor to your remuneration. You don’t want to stagnate in your career but to progress. Who does not need a higher rise!

Below are the Average Salaries of Salesforce Professionals