Salesforce Business Analyst Tutorial

  • Instructor: SFBA Training
  • Lectures: 95
  • Quizzes: 14
  • Students: 363
  • Duration: 4 weeks

This Step by Step Tutorial includes:

  • Real Project Scenarios & Implementation
  • Real BA Deliverables with downloadable copies
  • Salesforce Admin Training & Quizzes
  • Salesforce BA Interview Questions & Answers
  • Salesforce BA Resume Preparation & LinkedIn Profile

Who this tutorial is for

  • New college graduate looking to start a career as a Salesforce business analyst.
  • Experienced Business analyst looking to specialize in Salesforce.
  • Anyone looking to become a business analyst (other than Salesforce). The knowledge from this course is transferable to other areas of IT.
  • Anyone looking to pass the Salesforce admin certification. The program contains quizzes and case studies that will prepare you for the Salesforce admin certification.
  • Salesforce admin looking to become Salesforce business analyst
  • Intro to Salesforce & Role of BA 0/9

    BA Deliverable: AS-Is Flow Diagram

  • Sales Cloud & Flow Diagram 0/9

    BA Deliverable: To-Be Flow Diagram, Web To lead Form Mock-up

  • Marketing, Workflow Rule & Use Case Diagram 0/8

    BA Deliverable: Use Case Diagram

  • Service Cloud & Mock-up Design 0/6

    BA Deliverable: Web To Case Form Mock-up

  • Quote & Context Diagram 0/7

    BA Deliverable: As-Is Context Diagram, To- Be Context Diagram

  • App Exchange & DTF Diagram 0/4

    BA Deliverable: Data Flow Diagram

  • Reports & Functional Requirement Document (FRD) 0/7

    BA Deliverable: Functional Requirement Document (FRD)

  • Dashboard & Business Requirement Document (BRD) 0/5

    BA Deliverable: Business Requirement Document (BRD)

  • Chatter & Use Case Document 0/6

    BA Deliverable: Use Case Document

  • Role Hierarchy & Organizational Chart Diagram 0/6

    BA Deliverable: Organizational Chart Diagram

  • Security & User Stories 0/7

    BA Deliverable: User Stories Document

  • Profiles & Sprint Backlog 0/5

    BA Deliverable: Sprint Backlog Document

  • Data Management & Test Case 0/6

    BA Deliverable: Test Case Document

  • Communities & Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) 0/6

    BA Deliverable: Requirements Traceability Matrix

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 0/1

    BA Deliverable: User Acceptance Testing Document

  • Interviews Question and Answers 0/7

    PDF Included

  • Salesforce Business Analyst Resume 0/2

    Sample Resume, Sample Cover Letter & Sample LinkedIn Profile Included

  • SOQL Tutorial (Optional) 0/7

  • Pass Your Salesforce Admin Exam In 3 days 0/1

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SFBA Training is an E-learning Organization that specializes in Salesforce Business Analyst Training. The course has been put together by a group of IT Professionals with the same goal: "Helping International Students land Business Analyst Jobs in the US so that they can Work and Live in the US Permanently" Our Team: ---- Dimitry Terekiev: Sr Business Analyst/Salesforce Consultant --- Bernard Njoukam: Senior Business Analyst/Marketing marketing manager ---Swati Maheshwari: Salesforce Certified administrator/Salesforce Developer ---- Osama Syed: Business Analyst ---- Sumit Semwal: Salesforce Consultant/Project Manager


  • Ruhani0508


    course was very helpful to crack intreview , very practical course
  • David Fahim

    very practical & comprehensive

    It is comprehensive, very practical in spots as well. One thing that is frustrating from time to time is how fast he goes, I often have to stop the video to catch up when I am in my environment (this is my problem really...I don't absorb things as fast as most folks, it'll take me 3x as much time as others).
  • Shahid

    It is an amazing program.

    It is an amazing program and Bernard did a very good job explaining. I found his perseverance to make the student understand the basic of SalesForce and the role of a BA .
  • Abu Bakr

    Very thorough explanation!

    Very thorough explanation! Hopefully this is clear enough to help with the certification.
  • Tony Walker

    Thank you Bernard

    Thank you Bernard for crafting interesting content and pulling together concepts and resources needed for Business analyst and Admin exam preparation. This training helped me explore Salesforce capabilities on a broader and deeper level.
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