Role of Salesforce Business Analyst in Agile Projects

A Salesforce business analyst wears numerous hats when it comes to presenting business solutions; they have to do a thorough observation because they believe there is no quick fix. In doing so, they apply their extensive knowledge of the Salesforce Platform to produce comprehensive action plans and disseminating larger projects that are accomplished into smaller […]

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Salesforce Business Analyst Interviews Questions

You just landed yourself an interview call as a Salesforce business analyst that is an achievement as it fundamentally means that your resume has impressed your prospective employer. Whether the position is a junior level, middle or senior, getting ready with business analyst interview questions is crucial and not caught off guard. This position is […]

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Daily Tasks of Salesforce Business Analyst

A Salesforce business analyst world is multidimensional since they are jack-of all-trades. As a result, they have different responsibilities as they act as a representative, bridge, and mediator between the end-user and various departments to an efficient implementation of technical solutions by bringing the business needs together with IT resources. It means their task is […]

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what is the Salary of a Salesforce Business Analyst in 2020

Several people get it wrong when it comes to how much money they should receive when it comes to careers. Your commitments and responsibilities in life are not a determining factor as some would argue out rather than your skills, talents, and what experience you possess that you plan to offer your prospective employer. Before […]

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